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imi “In what ways are women more equal in Albania than in other European countries?” On the first of November, 2018, one of the most recognized Albanian journalists and bloggers, who’s well known for her blog “Duumini,” and the founder of “Gruaja Të Muajtë,” Albania’s best local magazine, went through a difficult period. She wrote a public statement about the deportation of her daughter. She claimed that she was threatened that her daughter will not be allowed to return to her, if she won’t sign some papers stating that the organization she works for doesn’t have any links to international illegal networks. As a consequence, the Judge had her daughter and the organization detained at the police station for more than 7 hours while they were supposed to be signing the papers. At the end of the process, she was given permission to see her daughter only at the court and never allowed to hug her, hug her daughter or see her. This was an extraordinary situation and it made a lot of people mad. No matter how many times she was contacted, after that, “Duumini” journalist never replied. Two months later, she was deported to Tirana, Albania, while her daughter stayed in the police station for more than four months. Cynthia, that’s the true name of the journalist, spoke for her publication on a recent article about the Albanian political situation. Cyberfoot: When and why did you decide to start writing for a blog? Cynthia: I began to blog on the net in 2008 and I became very active in 2012. My blogs are the two most known ones: “Duumini” and “Gruaja të muajtë”. After, I worked as a journalist for a local magazine but I left and started working at the Albanian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, but then I was again fired. Cyberfoot: Your publication “Duumini” published the statement of the top Albanian legal expert, Valli Siliqi, who wrote “It is a political persecution.” What do you think about her statement? Cynthia: If the statement made by Valli Siliqi is correct, we have a serious problem in Albania, because it is the first time in Albanian history




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Cyberfoot 2014 Tam Indir

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