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Me, writing a blog? Well this should be interesting.

Here I am, writing a blog. Never thought I’d being doing this. Foremost, I would like to apologize for any misspellings (thank goodness for spellcheck!) and grammar errors. I am not an expert in the art of writing or grammar and have never pretended to be. You might be asking, why are you writing a blog, are you sure this is a good idea? Well, maybe I’m the one thinking that but... I have recently started a new business adventure, Ladybug Nutrition Counseling, LLC. It is all very exciting, VERY VERY NEW, very scary, and all virtual (for now). As I’ve learned more about the virtual world and how amazing it has become, I tried to think about how I can be real and in person to people in a more virtual world. How will I talk to people about my views on nutrition? My experience with nutrition counseling? Life happenings? Question answering? Spread the word of positive body image? Loving all food, loving life? So as I thought more about it, I thought, well...maybe a blog? That seems to be where I find out the real about what I want to find on the internet, the issues I’m interested in, build a connection with the person who is writing. The BLOG helps the virtual person become real and helps make a connection with the reader. So here I am, A REAL GIRL LIVING IN A VIRTUAL WORLD.

You might be asking now, Who is this crazy person and why hasn’t she introduced herself? I am Dani Sindelar, a registered dietitian, an aerobics instructor (only because I love dancing and all other exercise is boring to me), an extremely passionate person (to the point where sometimes it makes my life a little more difficult), and a person who wants to help eliminate ALL DIETS and foster a healthy relationship with food and our bodies in this crazy world we live in today. My hope is this blog will be the place that helps foster good relationships between food and our bodies. I will share my knowledge, my expertise, my visions, passions, my ramblings, my views on all things related to well bodies and life and who knows what else. Stay tuned for more as you get to know me and I get to know this whole blogging thing. It is all pretty darn exciting!

Blog Newby
Here I am, tentatively and excitingly writing my first blog.

Feel free to comment below. Give me some pointers, correct my grammar, throw in some subjects you would like to see me blog about, whatever you want!

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