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Emotional Eating

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Do you find yourself struggling with emotional eating? You are not alone! Food is common to use to help cope with stress, anxiety, fear, you name it, but is not the most beneficial option. 

I have found, throughout my experience, that by not feeding yourself appropriately, whether you are not consuming enough of the recommended food groups, consuming too much of one specific food group or not nourishing yourself adequately throughout the day, can lead to more episodes of emotional eating. I work with you to learn how to nourish your body appropriately and effectively to help decrease your emotional eating urges. Once we both feel you are eating well and appropriately for your body, we then begin to explore more of what drives you to eat emotionally. 

I find it works best if you are working with me and a therapist to be able to get to the underlying causes of your emotional eating.

We eventually will begin to work on how to eat intuitively for your body, following your body's hunger and fullness cues. This way, you are able to be thoughtful and mindful around your eating habits and utilize other tools to help cope with emotions. 

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