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Eating Disorders

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Having a dietitian that is experienced with the complexities of working with all types of eating disorders is crucial for continued work towards recovery. 

I work closely with you and your outpatient treatment team (therapist, psychiatrist, medical provider, or whoever else you feel is part of your team), as it takes a team to help tackle those struggles.  

Depending on where you are in your recovery, I feel the most benefit is achieved by following a prescribed meal plan, whether that be something that has already been developed for you from your previous treatment team/center or something we create together. This prescribed meal plan helps you understand how to nourish your body appropriately. We use this meal plan to help plan food/behavior challenges and helps redevelop your true hunger and fullness cues. Once we both feel the meal plan has been successful, we then begin to work on intuitive eating, as I feel this is the best path to full recovery. 

Every person, both men and women, struggling with eating disorders are an individual, therefore each path is individually planned for your needs and struggles.

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